zaterdag 21 september 2013

Meer reacties op het interview

Hierbij nog twee (Engelstalige) reacties op het interview van onze paus.

"Is it universally true that it is not necessary to talk about the intrinsic evils of abortion, abortifacient drugs, and gay marriage as often as possible? Absolutely not. I don’t know about Argentina, but I do know the world that I encounter everyday that is on the precipice of losing countless generations to moral relativism. It is a world in which absolute truth does not exist. Indeed, it is a world that needs to hear salvation proclaimed and the faith catechized, but it is also world that needs to be repeatedly told that life has value, that sex is marriage, and marriage is for opposite genders. They need to be repeatedly told these things because the enemy is repeatedly telling them that life does not have value, that sex is for recreation, and that marriage is not gender specific. It is to the point now that whether we can first reach them through the Gospel or through natural law or through reason, we must help to save them by any moral means from destroying themselves."

"It is as if our Pope is detached from the real world, as if he doesn’t recognize the hour. His indifference towards moral relativism and what the world needs to hear right now is very troubling to me. He is like a man whose child is about to touch the hot stove and he doesn’t yell “STOP! HOT!” to the child. Rather, while the child is just inches away from touching the hot stove, he calmly tells the child what the stove is, then how the stove works, then after the child has burnt his hand on the stove he comforts the child and bandages their hand. Maybe it’s the Jesuit in him that gives him to presupposes that all people are rational beings that don’t need to repetitively hear the truth until it sticks." Lees hier het volledige artikel.....

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